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Traditional Southern Shrub Installation

This was a fun little project for a maintenance client of ours. They had non-flowering shrubs that were struggling and wanted to replace them not only because they were unsightly but because they wanted to add a little color to the yard. I decided to keep all the shrubs evergreen, except one and to go with a more traditional southern shrub aesthetic.

Here’s the before:

To start with the more traditional look, I decided to go with Encore Azaleas that don’t grow more than about 3 feet tall in front, giving the client flowers from Spring until Fall and since they are evergreen, they won’t have drab looking shrubs in the winter. The azaleas are also pretty hardy, drought tolerant and handle more sun than a traditional Azalea. They had a smaller budget to work with and these are perfect all around.

Lining the steps up, and in front of the existing Pencil Boxwoods, I added two Encore Azaleas that grow to about 4.5 feet tall to give the sidewalk leading up a little more drama. I also decided on white to off-set the pink colors of the smaller azaleas.

Behind the Azaleas I decided on a Gardenia that grows to about 5′ tall to give the client height and to border the porch with a little privacy. The flowers are also fragrant, making a moment on the porch that much sweeter. As well, the Gardenias are also evergreen, but their leaf color is a darker green than that of the Azaleas making them a really nice backdrop.

On the left side of the house, I decided on a smaller camellia that grows to about 8 ft tall and 6 ft wide with pink blooms in the winter. The dark glossy leaves of the Camellia will also create a pretty backdrop.

Finally, on the other end of the front of the house, I added a Hydrangea that won’t be noticed in the winter, but will be dramatic through the summer.

Here is the after: