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Drainage, Paver, and Plant Installation Project

We had a fun project to start off the spring in Statesville. It included installing a paver sidewalk, installing a drain system from the gutters of the house to the street run off, and replacing old azaleas, rhododendron, holly, and camellias with new camellias, encore azaleas, hydrangea, a rose of sharon, hostas, and an assortment of flowering perennials. We also installed a border of Peonies along the driveway and another border of creeping phlox along another part of the driveway.

Here’s a look at the before:

before paver installation only grass where sidewalk will go in front of house

During the Project:

This chicken followed me around all week knowing I was digging up all the worms for him to eat (smile).


Some After Photos:

I’m hoping to get a peek at everything next year when they are much more mature and filled out the space. We’ll share here!